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Installation Procedure

Installation Procedure For Digital Certificate After Receiving Email Notifications From Certifying Authority.

Certifying Authority(CA) sends 3 emails.

Email 1: Subject: Registration of Class 2 PAN Individual Certificate
On registration for Digital Signature after receiving the documents, CA sends email.This email has Subscriber ID (8 DigitNumeric). This is important. Store your Subscriber ID carefully.

Email 2: Subject: revocation password
This email is sent to you incase you want to revoke your Digital Signature.

Email 3: Subject: Certificate Claiming password for Class 2 PAN Individual Certificate
After verification of documents CA sends this email which contains the following:

Claiming Password :XXXXXXXX (8 Digit Alpha Numeric)
Reference ID: XXXXXXXX (8 DigitNumeric)

Follow the undermentioned steps exactly in the order mentioned below:

1. Click here to Log on to the Internet to claim your Digital Certificate
    The following screens will come:

2. Enter the Subscriber ID which was received in Email 1 and the Reference ID and Password that was received in Email 2 and click on Submit. Next screen is shown as below:

3. In the Cryptographic Service Provider Name Option Box, select Microsoft Enhanced Cryptographic Provider v1.0 and click on Generate Keys. Three message boxes as shown below comes. Click (Yes / OK) to Continue in all the three Message Boxes.

4. Digital Certificate is installed. Install the 'Hierachy Trust Chains'. To install the 'Hierachy Trust Chains', follow the instructions as below:

Click on the link provided below. The link will prompt to Open / Save the link. Click Save and then right click on the saved file. Click Install Certificate to complete the process.

Click to download and Install the Hierachy Trust Chains

Certificate is now ready for use.

To verify Digital Certificate has been installed correctly, follow the instructions :

  • Open a browser (Internet Explorer) window.
  • Go to Tools menu and then click Internet Options.
  • Select the 'Content' tab on the top and then click the button labelled 'Certificates'.

  • Click the 'View' button after selecting the Certificate from the list shown above.See picture below

  • Certificate details will be displayed as shown below. Please acquaint yourself with the various details available on the form shown below.

This Certificate can be used to sign any document electronically. To sign a MCA-21 form is extremely easy. The forms would have Buttons labelled 'Select Certificate' or 'Sign this Document' prompting you to click on it to authenticate the document. The document has been authenticated electronically and can now be submitted online to the MCA portal.

If you do not have internet connection, you can visit any of the Skorydov Servunity members to help you file your forms and Returns related to MCA-21 using Virtual Front Offices (VFO) of MCA-21. You will, however be required to have your own digital certificate.

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